Friday, August 13, 2010

Flowers in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

I want to make up for the lack of flowers since Monday. Today's flowers perked up my day with their colours and variety.

Like a frilly skirt.
Two trumpets.
Mother and child.
High and mighty blooms.
Morning glory.
Thalia dealbata (Water canna)
Clerodendrum bungei (Glory Bower flower)
Maximum zoom (14x) in.
Here are the fading flowers.
This is its name.

My favourite Octopus tree flower. This time the leaves seem to be more interesting.

Orchids planted on the trunk of the Palm trees at the entrance of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
In reality, this flower was more brilliant in colour.
Bird of Paradise Heliconia.
Golden lotus Banana plant.

A specie of Heliconia not so commonly seen in our parks and gardens.

Water lilies enjoying the sunshine.
Below this gigantic Monkey Pot tree were the flowers that had fallen off the tree. They smell like butter.
The purplish flowers high up on the tree.
Maximum zoom again. This plant looks like it is related to the Pandan plant. From afar I spotted the lone, yellow flower.

Dragonfly on a water lily. Look closely and you will see the winged creature.

It was a great day for admiring flowers.


studioZEST said...

I am inspired by Samuel Ullman's poem on 'Youth' indeed.

I am also inspired by your efforts in blogging your works, be it sketches, photos, etc. They do brighten up my days!

Well done. Keep it up!

Mableinsingapore said...

Thanks friend! Glad you dropped by.