Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baccaurea parviflora - Setumbun Merah

When I first saw these almond-shaped reddish fruits bunched around the base of the trunk of this tree, I thought that they looked good enough to eat. On reflection, I should have touched them to appreciate them through the sense of touch for a change. I guess I still have to break away from my fear to touch anything that is unknown to me because it may be poisonous or it may cause me to break out in rashes. The same goes for using my sense of smell and taste is out of question for I do not want to die before my time. So I just stuck to using my sense of sight and all my fears aside, I was really glad to have spotted this interesting tree by the name of Baccaurea parviflora or in Malay, Setumbun Merah. This particular tree was growing very close to the boardwalk of the Petai trail in the MacRitchie Nature Reserve.

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