Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hura crepitans (Sandbox Tree, Possumwood, Jabillo)

Hura crepitans (Sandbox Tree, Possumwood, Jabillo) comes from tropical north and south America and are found in the Amazon jungle. 

 I am lucky to have been able to see the flowers and fruits of this tree without having to make a long and arduous and probably dangerous journey to the Amazon jungle. I used to see these trees in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on the fringe of the Ginger Garden but have never seen the flowers or the fruits. This Sandbox Tree was seen next to the MacDonald's outlet at Ayer Keroh, Malacca. Previously, I saw the fruits on the trees at the car park of  the Gunong Ledang (Mt Ophir) Park in Johore.The seeds of the fruits and the sap of the tree are highly poisonous.

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alicesg said...

I thought sandbox tree should looked like a sandbox Very unusual name and the flower and fruits looked so unique.