Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dracaena Sanderiana - an unusual flower

Common name: ribbon plant, lucky bamboo
Origin: Africa
I've always known this plant as the Kwan Yin bamboo. It can be grown in water and cuttings can be bought quite easily in the wet markets. I never thought that this plant was capable of flowering until a friend showed me this bloom from his garden. He gave it to me when the flowers were still buds and everyday I observed the development of this flower. The flowering lasted for quite a while with the buds in the outer rings flowering and when they wilted, another ring of buds will flower and so on. I remember that my living room was filled with a pleasant fragrance everytime there were new flowers.


budak said...

Never saw this plant (also called Bamboo plant although it doesn't really look like bamboo and is no relation) flower before. It's relative Draceana fragans is also a very rare bloomer with nicely scented flowers. Another one in the same family that flowers rarely is the Ti tree (those red and black striped plants often planted by roadsides).

Mable said...

In my November 2005 post on this blog, I featured a plant that I identified as Codyline fruticosa. I did a search on the internet using this name and found that it is the Ti plant. One of the sites I checked out is:

I must have been very fortunate to have seen and photographed the flowers of the Ti plant. As you have mentioned it is a rare occurance. I was very surprised when I first saw the flowers. Will have to check out the Draceana fragrans when I have time. Thanks for the additional info. about the lucky bamboo.