Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pride of India

Lagerstroemia Speciosa

Also known as Rose of India and Crepe Myrtle. There are many trees like these in our parks and I first took notice of this tree when I saw the beautiful clusters of flowers on the trees up on Kentridge Park. The more common colour is pink. I have seen clusters of pink and white flowers and this particular cluster is photographed in West Coast Park. It is rather unusual to find the Pride of India flowers of this colour and I have not seen many trees with blooms of this colour since then.

Yesterday I was at the Singapore Swimming Club to meet a friend who is a member there. After parking my car on the 4th storey I happened to see a few trees next to the pool and used my Olympus 10x zoom to capture these blooms. Just when I said I hardly saw flowers of this colour, I seem to be in luck all of a sudden.

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Vernonia said...

Over here in my place ( Malaysia ), I've only seen banaba or the Lagerstroemia Speciosa in purplish color, just like the one in the pic.