Sunday, January 29, 2006

Flowers to brighten up the blog

Carphalea kirondron
(Flaming Beauty)
This being the first day of the Chinese New Year, I thought I should add some vibrant colours to this blog. I came across this flower in the Singapore Botanical Gardens and was attracted to it because I find it rather unique. Amidst the individual clusters of red flowers are one or two white ones.
Brownea Rosa-de-monte
(Rose of Venezuela
This flower looks like an embroidered ball that was tossed over a balcony by a pretty young lady looking for a husband in olden day China. The lucky guy who caught it would become her husband. What a neat match-making technique.
Photographed this flower at Marina City Park.
Ixora Odorata
Took this shot at Labrador Park. This flower bears resemblance to the Ixora. Interesting combination of colours. Found a picture of it in the publication "1001 Garden Plants in Singapore".

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