Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hydrangea Macrophylla

The flowers are blue, for a change. These were in my garden some years back when my kids were still small. Today I bought a book titled "Plants that heal, thrill and kill" by Dr Wee Yeow Chin. I read that the leaves of this plant which is commonly grown in gardens, are poisonous. Fortunately, my kid did not fancy eating leaves though he had many opportunities to do as he loved to toddle in the backyard or pushed himself around in the walker to entertain himself while we parents were examining the other plants in the garden. Anyway blue and purple flowers hold a special fascination for me probably because flowers we see are mostly in varying shades of red, yellow or orange.

In response to Budak's comment, here is a photo of a pink hydrangea bloom taken during a visit to a nursery and he is right about the colours and how they can be determined by what goes into the soil.

Here's an excellent website on Hydrangeas:

Came across hydrangeas that are purplish in colour:

6 May 2006


budak said...

Hydrangeas are lovely, but I thought they were hard to grow in our climate! And they need soil additives (aluminium and low pH) to stay blue/purple.

Mable said...

Yes, they are lovely and I remember that the particular plant I had took a long time to flower. But when it did, it was just fantastic.

darkmatter said...

Hi Heliconia:

These flowers bring back memories of my undergraduate study in NZ in the 80s... you can find the flowers commonly planted in fenceless single storey housing estate .... nice especially the blue ones.