Thursday, May 25, 2006

Barringtonia edulis?

I have seen flowers and fruits on three different trees of this specie and have photographed them but I cannot recall with precision which tree I took these pictures from. A check with my reference book "1001 Garden Plants in Singapore" published by the National Parks Board shows that it could be one of three: Barringtonia calyptrata, Barrington edulis and Barringtonia racemosa. A search on the internet came up with sites that regard the fruit of the Barringtonia edulis as a rare fruit. I am not sure and would appreciate expert advice so that I can label the photos correctly.

This flower reminds me of a song by Carly Simon that

has this nursery rhyme:

Incy Wincy Spider

climbed up the water spout

down came the rain

and washed the spider out

out came the sunshine

that dried up all the rain

and the incy wincy spider

climbed out the spout again.

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darkmatter said...

Very interesting fruits/flowers indeed!
Welldone... The leaves look familiar..