Friday, May 05, 2006

Cassia alata - Seven Golden Candlesticks

As I post this entry, I am watching a movie on Star Movies called "Being Julia", not from the beginning but at the tail end and the movie has ended with the rolling out of the credits to a beautiful rendition of "Smoke gets in your eyes". Apparently it is about a great British actress who had her share of bad patches through her stage career but eventually triumphed over adversities that came in the form of her own insecurities and a young, aspiring actress out to upstage her. The last bit of acting was simply superb and I just got distracted from writing about this flower. "All the world's a stage"(Who said that?) whether the actress is Julia or the seven candlesticks. Both live and grow, reach their peak, stay there as long as they can and move on leaving impressions and memories for others to emulate or admire.

Family: Caesalpiniaceae, Common name: Seven Golden Candlesticks, Gelenggang (Malay name), Origin: Tropical America

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