Saturday, May 20, 2006

Erythrina Sp - Coral Tree

Family: Leguminosae
Origin: Various species, some from N & S America, Australia, Africa, East Asia
These trees are found in most of our parks and I have taken pictures of their flowers in West Coast Park and Sembawang Park. Some species are called 'Tiger' claws". Today I saw a whole row of flowering trees on the fringe of a carpark:


budak said...

I would like to see more of these tree being planted. They are also very good for attracting birds like sunbirds, flowerpeckers, orioles and others which feed on nectar or insects that gather at the flowers.

Mable said...

The next time I come across these trees, I would like to have more time to stay around and hope to see these birds. Photographing them with my idiot proof cameras may be a challege but I look forward to posting some pictures that are more interesting.