Sunday, June 18, 2006

Clerodendrum paniculatum - Pagoda Flower(佛塔花- fo1 ta3 hua1)

I saw a row of Pagoda shrubs lining the outside wall of a condominium in Sembawang and they were just too attractive to ignore. So I whipped out my handy IXUS 800 that is my constant companion since I bought it a month back. Since the clusters of flowers were in varying stages of flowering, I had to be more selective of which ones to photograph because I had to find one that looked most like a pagoda. It took a while because the symmetrical ones were way above my head. In choosing those that were at eye level I was also able to take close-ups of the clusters. It is really difficult to find a bloom that is perfect in that it contains all flowers and not a mixture of buds and flowers.

Origin: Southeast Asia

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