Sunday, July 30, 2006

Barringtonia asiatica - Putat Laut

This flower is one of the loveliest flowers I have ever seen in the parks of Singapore. I first saw these flowers at Labrador Park along the sea front. I remember that they were high up on the branches and were difficult to photograph.

Barringtonia asiatica
Family Name: Lecythidaceae
Common Name : Beach Barringtonia, Fish-Killer Tree, Sea Poison tree, Putat Laut, Sea Putat,
Origin : Madagascar to the East Pacific

Recently, I saw a small tree in West Coast Park with a number of flowers that were within easy reach.

There were also many flowers on the grass as they bloom in the night and fall to the ground in the morning. I was lucky to find that most of them were still complete and not scattered about as would have been the case if the tree were taller like those at Labrador Park.

Soon, fruits that look like lanterns will develop and I hope to be able to photograph them and post the pictures here.

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