Friday, August 18, 2006

Ipomoea pes-caprae - Beach morning glory (海牵藤 - hai2 qian1 niu2)

I was walking along the embarkment of Seletar Reservoir when I noticed that it was covered with a creeper that had beautiful purplish flowers. At first glance I thought they looked like the morning glory flowers that I was familiar with that grew on fences or dangled from trees. But these flowers were creepers and had thick butterfly-shaped leaves. I wasn't sure if it was a specie of morning glory and searched for images on Google. Found out the name of this particular one and also discovered that there are hundreds to a thousand species of Morning Glory. It was mid-morning when I photographed these flowers and as can be seen, they were in the prime of their morning lives - sturdy and fresh without any wrinkles or sign of aging. What a way to live!
Common name: Beach Morning Glory, Railroad Vine, Bayhops,
Goat's Foot Creeper
Family: convolvulaceae
Native to Florida, USA

More information on this creeper could be found in this document here:


budak said...

its close relative I. aquatica is our favourite vegetable the kangkong!

Mable said...

Wonder if this specie like the kangkong will taste just as good with belachan and chilli, yum! Okay, only kidding. I can't bear to eat it after having spent so much time admiring its pretty flowers.