Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Burst of flowers

They say blogging is addictive. I agree. I have no time to look up the name of these exuberant blooms currently at the prime of their lives at Lower Peirce Reservoir but I was dying to put it up on this blog. So I thought I would just put this one picture and if a kind soul could enlighten me on the identity of this flower it would surely save me some precious effort in ploughing through my books. I promise to upload more photos of this flower to show how I went wild with my camera when I chanced upon these flowers, most of which were taken with the right hand in control of the camera and the left hand holding my handphone to my ear as I chatted with a friend who happened to call at that time. I have never enjoyed multitasking so much before, never mind what the joggers and other park visitors thought of me. I only hope that after I left, they would take an interest in these lovely flowers if only because someone else (like me) found them refreshingly beautiful against the backdrop of the Lower Peirce Reservoir.

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darkmatter said...


Spring is in the air... pretty pretty flowers..

I normally just post the image first and refine the captions later... i called it 'waves' of refinement.