Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eichhornia azurea -Water Hyacinth

This aquatic plant originates in South America and is a weed that can wreak havoc in waterways and lakes in some countries because it is an extremely fast grower. Here in a small pond in Kent Ridge Park its function is ornamental and should it threaten to enshroud the entire pond, its spread can easily be controlled. The flowers are lilac in colour and each petal sports a yellow heart design making them very attractive and appealing to photographers as well as bees. I had originally labelled these flowers as "Eichhornia crassipes" and found out later that they are Eichhornia azurea or commonly known as the Peacock water hyacinth. The water level in the pond appeared to have receded a little as I was able to examine this bunch of flowers at very close range without stepping on water.

I can see that it is a very hardy plant because the leaves are strong and sturdy and the flowers are upright and hardy.

It was great to have come across these lovely blooms.

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