Friday, October 27, 2006

An alluring orchid

I noticed this pot of orchid for three reasons. Firstly, the colour purple which is my favourite colour and secondly, the shape of the orchid that is not like the kind of orchids I am used to seeing. Lastly, the size of the blooms caught my attention from the day they appeared. I asked my neighbour if he had bought this plant as it is normal for non-orchid growers to buy the orchids that are already flowering just for the purpose of enjoying these flowers. I was really happy to learn that a friend of his had given this pot of orchids to him because he could not get it to flower and that my neighbour had managed to coax the plant into producing these lovely blooms. As is normal, I just could not resist the call of the flowers to have a closer look and with my neighbour's permission I have taken a few photos for sharing on my blog. But as I have confessed in an earlier post, I am not an orchid admirer and except for large orchid flowers that have extraordinary looks such as this one, I am totally ignorant of this type of flower although now, I am beginning to take more interest in them.
I had tried to search for the name of this orchid in a website on orchids that I thought was pretty well-organised and comprehensive. But after some surfing, I decided to abandon my quest because it was, for me, like looking for a needle in a haystack. I certainly would appreciate some help here in identifying this orchid from orchid enthusiasts reading this blog.

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