Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kopsia singapurensis - Singapore Kopsia

Family: Apocynaceae
Origin: Pennsular Malaysia and Singapore
This plant was once in the running for the title of National Flower of Singapore because it has the red and white colour combination of the national flag. It is not commercially available and the conservation status in the wild is 'vulnerable'. So, where did I manage to see these flowers? Not in the wild but in a small park near the playground at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill. This particular plant was left on the fringe of an open area apparently ready to be planted on the park grounds. It was a small plant and had the potential to grow into a small tree. The chance was too good to miss and the beautiful flowers were just too irresistable.


budak said...

Some more info here (though maybe you have seen it already). Did you try smelling the flower?

Mable said...

Thanks Budak for the info and will check out the websites as well as the smell of the flower next time I see it. If this flower is native to Singapore and from what I have read, it is not difficult to grow, I wonder why it is not commercially available. I would love to grow it in my garden and be able to tell my friends that we have something to be proud of.

Funfun said...

It is difficult to grow. I will be interested to get it too if it is commercially available.