Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quisqualis indica - Rangoon Creeper (使君子- shih3 jun1 zi3)

Today is Deepavali, also known as the Festival of Lights. It is a public holiday in Singapore celebrated by our Hindu friends and is a time for rejoicing to mark the triumph of good over evil . It is akin to the celebration of a new year and there is much colour and festivity amongst the Indian community in Singapore. In deciding on a flower to mark the celebration of Deepavali in Singapore, I could only think of this vine that I have seen many times especially adorning the fences of houses or growing in pots outside shophouses. This particular bloom was photographed in Ann Siang Hill park.
Family : Combretaceae
Origin : Tropical Asia, New Guinea The flowers are such a joy to behold as the flowers change from white to pink and finally to red as they mature. For me it represents a community where a few generations live harmoniously in a close-knit formation. I like this flower very much. Happy Deepavali to all who celebrate this blessed day!
With the support of of the Nparks, these
metal structures will soon be covered completely with Rangoon Creepers.

I think of Indian ladies in colourful saris walking down Serangoon Road with these fragrant flowers adorning their shiny black hair.

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