Sunday, October 15, 2006

Uvaria grandiflora

Uvaria grandiflora
Native species of Singapore
Family Name : Annonaceae
Origin : Indo-China, West Malesia
On this fairly hazy morning, friends and I sought refuge in the nature reserve of Bukit Timah Hill. Hordes of people also had the same thought of getting the most out of an outdoor activity while the winds carry to our island, the unhealthy air from the blazing forest fires in Indonesia. As I walked up the hill, I could not help but notice the thinning canopy above me. There are fewer trees and a lot more sky now than before. I recall years ago, Bukit Timah Hill was really nice and cool with many trees and creepers and the sounds of cicadas and birds. It is no longer the same.


Funfun said...

Uvaria grandiflora or simply Large-flower uvaria.

Mable said...

Thank you funfun. Will update the post. Cheers!