Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year Flowers

One thing I like about Chinese New Year are the flowers that are everywhere - in the shopping malls, in Chinatown and in the wet markets. Featured here are the typical flowers that appeal to the Chinese celebrating Chinese New Year because of their auspicious colours of red, yellow and orange. Flowers or plants with names that are associated with good luck, fortune and health are also popular and as expected cost more that what they would on ordinary days.


budak said...

i find it sad that many of the plants will waste away or be junked after the season. Temperate plants like the small citrus and bright red blossomed herbs will die off in our heat. But I see so many tropicals like orchids and bamboo plants being thrown away after their flowers die or when they grow out of their artificially-made decorative shapes.

Mable said...

Yes just as we feel the pain of such waste, there are others who will not spare a thought for these plants because they are seen as mere decorative items. This reminds me of an even more sinful wastage - the thoughtless use of the countless chrysanthemum plants in the movie "Curse of the Golden Flowers". Not only were the flowers used as decorations but they were trampled and stomped on by the thousands of movie extras at the end of it all. Yerks!