Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flowers and trees

Not quite like cherry blossoms. The flower-laden Copperpod tree from a distance makes you wish that instead of a lone tree, there is a whole row of of these trees showing off their cheerful blooms. Is it any wonder that this tree is also known as Yellow Flame?
Simpoh Air or Dillenia suffruticosa. Flowers turned to seeds. A platter of desserts for the birds and dispersal to ensure that the plant lives on. Need a reading lamp? This is the first time such a fern is seen at eye level. Why? I think this particular fern that the National Parks Board has attached to the tembusu trees is the Platycerium ridleyi. Quite different from the usual bird's nest ferns and the staghorn ferns that are present in abundance on our trees. Did clouds land on the grass? I imagine they would look really lovely against the blue sky.Ceiba pentandra (Cotton tree, Kapok tree, white silk cotten tree). These fluffy bits from the seed pods of the Kapok tree were once used to stuff our pillows. The tree always reminds me of a ship mast decorated with leaves and seed pods. Family: Bombacaceae. From Tropical America and Tropical West Africa.

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