Monday, June 25, 2007

The Private Life of Plants

One day, I was browsing in a CD shop and came across this DVD pack. I thought it would cost a fortune to own it and nearly betrayed my joy by yelling 'Cheap, cheap!' when I was told that it cost only $20. Twenty Bucks! Where on earth do you get such quality stuff for that kind of price? Once in a while, you strike gold when you walk into a CD shop or bookshop and I certainly did.


slurp! said...

that's a good buy. i bought mine years ago at around $60. maybe there was some discount as HMV was clearing stock that time

but my DVD region is 2+4, no chinese subtitle :( (not that i need that)

Special Features include Blue Peter interview, Behind-the-Science Footage.

one time about DVD9 (china produced) is that they always seems to have some sort of advertisment when you beginning to play, and you can't skip that. i hope yours not this way. cheers .....

were there any other DVS on sale? like life in the undergrowth? thanks!

Mable said...

Sounds like the same DVD as the one I have. I bought it at some small CD shop. Could be Sembawang or TS but I remember it was in a shopping complex. I was there at the right time to buy the only copy left. Good stuff do turn up at places where you least expect to find them. Just keep looking. I have found good books on art and nature this way.