Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pine tree flowers

The first time ever I saw a flower on a pine tree, I could not believe my eyes. Other than pine cones, needle-like leaves and the straight trunks, I have never wondered about flowers. I thought there weren't any or in fact, I never gave any thought to whether pine trees flower or not. Well, they do and here's the proof:


slurp! said...

that's interesting! may i know where was this taken? thankz

Mable said...

These photos were taken on Mt Faber in 2003. They were on a slope next to some steps that lead down to a small open area where I remember seeing a very tall tree. So long ago, I hope the trees are still there and doing fine.

slurp! said...

ok, thanks!
you're lucky to see one. i'm still for my luck for come ;P