Thursday, July 19, 2007

Egrets/Herons coming home to roost

  • I learned how to edit videos using Microsoft Moviemaker; and
  • I signed up for a YouTube account and learned how to upload the video below.

The video clip is part of a longer video that was recorded with my Canon IXUS 800. We were staying at the Mahkota Hotel over Christmas with some friends in one of the units on a high floor. While admiring the view from the balcony we witnessed this wonderful phenomenon. It was truly an amazing sight.

The video takes time to load but if you can wait, it will be worth your patience. While waiting, you can look at these photos:


Ivo said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of a your t-shirt or a your clock / watch and the link of your blog,
I' ll publish in my blog!
Thanks Ivo

slurp! said...

beautiful sights of egrets or ?heron? i thought yong peng has one sanctuary there, so it seems that have settled here happily as well too.

we do have handful feeding near IMM & elsewhere around SG area.

unfortunately, I'm always afraid of wild birds getting domesticated when they are too near human

Mable said...

I have more of these videos taken over two days spent there. I chose this one to upload because it is the only one showing flocks of these birds flying right under our noses towards the trees. Now that you ask, they could be herons. So I have posted the only good pic I have taken of a bird at ground level in the area, what do you think?

slurp! said...

sorry, i'm never good at that. but i read that heron got more slender body, so that might be a heron

however, i believe both egrets & herons are inside that swampy patch. i read that they only distinguishable from the plumes they develop during mating season.

Mable said...

Thanks Slurp and you could be right. I looked at some photos of Great Egrets and Herons and just cannot tell them apart. Anyway it was great just watching them especially so many of them and in a place where I had never expected to have a bird sanctuary right next to it :-)