Thursday, July 26, 2007


This looks like an ordinary hibiscus shrub with beige/pinkish petals. Look at it more carefully and you will discover the same shrub that was grown from a single cutting, there is a red hibiscus amongst the blooms. The lady who planted this shrub was curious about this phenomenon and so was I. Some explanations given to her had to do with some mix-up in the roots of the cutting she had and another had to do with the bees crossing over from one type of hibiscus shrub to another during pollination. Maybe its genetics. I do not know. She gave me cutting from this shrub and I am looking forward to it growing and flowering in my garden.


slurp! said...

possibly someone grafted the red hibiscus there?

Mable said...

Perhaps, will ask her to examine the tree for signs of it. Thanks :-)