Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brownea grandiceps and Brownea capitella

In the Singapore Botanic Gardens I saw the Brownea grandiceps or Rose of Venezuela - as beautiful as the women in a country famed for Miss Universe finalists.Next to this tree was a relative:
The flowers are smaller and the petals are lighter in colour.

What Slurp! said in his comment on this post about the young leaves looking like handkerchiefs. Well, here they are:

A perfectly shaped flower, probably that of the Brownea macrophylla that I came across some years ago at the Marina City Park. I heard that the park is now closed for re-development. It was one of my favourite parks to go to because 1)It was spacious 2)Not many people went there even on weekends 3) There were various types of trees, birds and insects.

Once I saw a group of photographers armed with cameras, tripods and huge zoom lenses trained on a few isolated ducks on the water some distance away. I was impressed and thought that these birds must really be hard to photograph. Then I turned a corner and unknown to these photographers was a family of ducks frolicking in the water that looked like what the photographers were eyeing (video later). Perhaps those were not the ducks they were aiming to photograph. It did not matter because I had fun photographing those I saw and they were only metres away. Now that's luck for me.


slurp! said...

waaaaaaaa were you in SBG every weekend?

their young leaves were interesting too as they droop like handkerchief. never got the luck to see them in full bloom yet hahahaha ...

Mable said...

No, only when we feel like having breakfast at Taman Serasi foodcourt. The mee siam and mee rebus are nice and so is the Paper Thosai. The kopi and toast is yummy and others I have not tried since they are too heavy-going for breakfast.

I must be very lucky because I have seen these Browneas in bloom several times.