Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gloriosa superba - Flame Lily ((嘉兰 - jia lan2)

I did not go looking for this flower that I have seen twice before, both times in front of the Visitor Centre of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. When I happened to see it again at a different location, it was indeed a pleasant encounter. Close inspection led me to discover that this particular plant had flowers that were at various stages of development.


slurp! said...

Gloriosa superba - read that its toxic to pets. of coz toxic to humans when copnsumed, but they are traditionally used for treatment of head lice :)

Mable said...

Be nice to have such lovely flowers in my garden. I read your post on this flower some time back. Did you manage to grow them?

slurp! said...

no time, no garden :P

i gave some seeds to my friend, not too sure if he has been successful. I still have some dried ones. I can mail to you if you want to try. even got begonia seeds I collected from HK Kadoorie farm LOLz given out alot to frieds

otherwise, since you spotted these, you may try to find the seed and try to grow however, hope you do not have any pets.

there is another local vines with beautiful pink flowers, i'll blog about it another time.

Mable said...

How right you are - 'no time, no garden' and thanks for the offer. I will keep that in mind when I have the time to spend on serious gardening. I saw these flowers on Pulau Ubin in someone's garden. It's a long, long way there. I saw some at the visitor centre at Bt Timah Nature Reserve right under the noses of the park wardens - so that possibility is out. Cheers!