Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oxalis barrelieri - Lavender sorrel

The common name of this plant is Lavender Sorrel. It is a herb that is native to the United States and I came across it in one of our nature reserves. The flowers are tiny and the plant on the whole, does not look very impressive. It takes effort to discover how pretty they really are. Things are not what they seem most of the time. We tend to be attracted to beauty that is obvious to the eye and we become bias in our judgement because first impressions count a great deal in any encounter. Sad but true. This plant will be a reminder to me that beauty is only skin deep and goes beyond smiles that come easily through practice rather than from the heart.


slurp! said...

these are commonly found even along the roadside now. i read that it taste sour and contains oxalic acid, so better not have too much

Mable said...

Hmm, never thought of eating them and will definitely not try. Thanks Slurp for your comment.