Sunday, September 23, 2007

Plumeria 'plantation'

A Sunday evening drive around Paya Lebar and Serangoon area provided me with many interesting subjects to photograph as a front-seat passenger. When the car stopped at a particular traffic light I looked to my left and was greeted by these plumeria trees in such numbers that I am reminded of the rubber plantations that I used to pass by along Bukit Timah Road on the way to school every morning. The trees of my childhood were there for bread-and-butter reasons; the trees today are here to beautify our land. As time passes, we note the changes for better or worse and are glad that they are mostly for the better.


slurp! said...

these "plant bank" makes good uses on empty plots for temporary holding plants/trees

i saw another big plumeria plant bank just beside Marina Bay MRT station

Mable said...

Maybe that's for the new Botanic Gardens when it materialises in a few years' time.