Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Chinese lady's garden

Yes, I have met my match, indeed I have. Everything growing on this patch of public land outside the house of a Chinese lady is the result of her love for flowers.
Flowers of all varieties thrive under her green thumb. The plants do not grow in neat rows and the garden on first impression appeared unkempt. But I love the look and feel of spontaneity exuded by this unique little garden.
I told this lady that I do not do gardening as it is hard work, preferring to take photos instead. When I asked her for permission to photograph her plants, she was surprised but gave it willingly. I am sure that she was also happy to have met a kindred soul who shared her love for flowers, though in a different way.
See how healthy and cheery these flowers are.
Hibiscus, Bachelor's buttons, balsams and more.

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