Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eugenia oleina

A shrub that can grow into a tree 20 ft tall suddenly bloomed in the neighbourhood. The attractive feature of this conical-shape tree are the red leaves giving the impression that the tree or shrub is on fire. This particular tree has been around for a few years in front of someone's house. Today it gave a special display of numerous flowers in clusters making it seem like stars have landed on it. The flowers attract bees and some were hovering around the small flowers when I was taking pictures with my Canon IXUS 850 - compact and good for people on the move.

Above: Eugenia oleina shrub on Mount Faber photographed some months ago.

Below: Nature is full of surprises and today I received a pleasant one.


slurp! said...

yes i noticed that too. in fact, i'm surprised to be seeing another shrubs flowering as well. they are often planted more for their foliage and seldom i see them flowering!

Mable said...

Wow, we must be really lucky!