Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nature's lovely bouquet

A year and a half ago, on the fringe of Seletar Reservoir at a small park that serves as place for tired drivers to relax and rest their eyes on nature before proceeding to wherever they were heading, I saw these flowers. They are orchids. I could not get close-up shots because of the limitations of my camera but it was nature's treat for me that day for showing me these blooms. Though I read that it is supposed to be a common epiphyte, I have not seen these flowers since then.
Often when I pass by this tree I would look out for these flowers. Today I looked for the umpteenth time and for the umpteenth time I was disappointed. But it did not matter when I thought about my lack of luck in seeing these flowers again.

On that day when the flowers bloomed, I was there and I did not let their beauty slip by my fingers because I was always camera-ready wherever I may be.

This post is to remind me that sometimes when opportunity presents itself and knocks on your door, open it. But you must also be ready to face whatever is before you. The secret really is to be prepared for whatever you wish to do in life and there is no road that is inaccessible. If it is there are always alternatives. I dedicate this post to two people I know who are on the threshold of change for a better future.

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