Monday, January 21, 2008

Flowers of the Saraca tree

These trees were laden with clusters of yellow and orange flowers over the weekend. I was attracted to the numerous flowers that worked their magic on me the instant I set eyes on them. No wonder in India the Saraca tree is known as the Sorrowless tree because no one could be unhappy looking at their flowers. I looked at the branches and had no time to think about anything else except how to take nice pictures of the flowers. Then I saw something gleaming like gold caught in the light.At that moment these flowers were more precious than gold because they do not last forever. I just could not resist another shot.Looking at the individual flowers and buds.
Further down the slope a bigger tree beckoned.

Or could it be that there was more than one tree here?
The plaque below the tree described it as Saraca thaipingensis or Yellow Saraca.
I looked above me and saw these yellow flowers on the branches that looked like they were put there by someone as decorations for the tree.

But on other branches, the flowers looked like those belonging to the Saraca Indica tree that I saw earlier.

Whatever their names were, they belonged to the Saraca tree family and I was just thankful to have had the opportunity to enjoy the generosity of these Saraca trees. If, like me, you do not get enough of these flowers, visit these flowers here on my website:

These photos were taken more than 3 years ago.
Where I have seen Saraca trees in Singapore: Singapore Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park, small parks in housing estates.

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