Thursday, January 03, 2008

Garlic Vine - Cydista Aequinoctialis

These are the only flowers I am seeing these days. It does not matter that they do not belong to me. The owner loves plants and has a nurturing hand when it comes to growing them. My days are blessed because I get to enjoy these blooms since they are grown outside his house beside the pavement.
Some facts I have found out about the Garlic Vine: The flowers and especially the leaves have a strong garlic smell when crushed. I have smelled the flowers and it is true that they do smell like garlic although I do not go further to pluck the leaves. What would the owner think if I did that?
This vine is a good climber which is why the owner has painstakingly built a wooden structure to support the plant. I can imagine the day when the plant takes over the entire structure, what a sight that would be. It is said that the plant is a garlic substitute in cooking though I am not sure which part. It would most likely be the leaves. The flowers come in various shades of purple from dark to light as they age, till they become white and then brown before they die. I also saw a photo of the fruit which looks like a kind of long bean. I shall now keep a look out for the fruit, hopefully the owner does not trim the plant before the fruits appear.
Family: Bignoniaceae

Origin: Tropical America

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slurp! said...

the garlic vines getting popular. their colors are pretty but can get messy if there are not properly trained on the trellis or fences