Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Plumbago auriculata

Just when I was saying that these flowers are not seen often in Singapore they appeared before my eyes out of the blue. Here they are at Lower Peirce Reservoir park lining the top of the slope along the embankment of the reservoir.A close-up shot reveal the simplicity of each flower. Basic five petals with clean lines

When you see them in clusters you tend to miss out on the details.
Beauty changes from different perspectives. In the case of flowers, I find that when flowers are present in a group I am just overwhelmed by the numbers. But when I examine an individual flower I am looking at the character taking in the flaws as well. When the flowers wilt the petals fold up and shrivel giving room to the formation of the seed pods.
When the plant is done with flowering it looks rather untidy. This is the time when it will have to be pruned so that new branches and leaves are able to grow, ready for another round of flowering.
Beauty comes with a price.

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