Saturday, February 23, 2008


High above the cyclists, roller-bladers and families strolling by, this bunch of saraca flowers stayed fresh and unaffected by all the activities going on along East Coast Park. No one noticed its presence because there were down-to-earth matters to take care of, like where to get a cold drink, where to eat lunch, where friends are and how to get the kids cleaned up after spending time at the beach.

But I noticed this particular bunch of flowers because I have had a good lunch followed by designer coffee with a view facing the sea that was separated by jogging, walking and bicycle/roller-blading tracks. This tree was just a stone's throw from where I was sitting and using the camera's zoom lens, I was able to appreciate its fiery appearance better.

I imagine these flowers in a vase in my house on a dining table with a top of exquisite black marble.

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