Monday, February 11, 2008

Sentosa Flower Show - Entrance

On Sunday, I visited the Flower Show on the island of Sentosa. It was a great way to spend a day during the Chinese New Year long weekend. In those few hours spent feasting my eyes on those lovely flowers and creative flower displays, I have taken enough photos to post for a week on this blog starting with these:
The entrance to the flower show from the Beach carpark. Go early, as soon as visitors are allowed in which is 9am. If you do not like the sun, go later in the afternoon and stay till 10pm.
The marquee shelters stalls selling flower related items.
Golden blooms pave the way to the show at ground level.

A popular photo spot. Spring welcomes you.
You get a bird's eye view of the flower displays as you climb higher and if you do not mind the sun, you could wait for one of these monorail trains to complete your picture.
Simple flowers that are nevertheless refreshing.
Reaching the top of the walkway from the Beach carpark area.
To be continued...

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