Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sentosa Flower Show - Marigolds and Sunflowers

What's Chinese New Year to me? In the past it was the compulsory newness of clothes, the colour red and the wearing of gold jewellery - the more you load up and glitter like a golden statue the better. We need to outshine the enemy and drive evil away so that the new year will be filled with goodies.

As I got older and have a family of my own, Chinese New Year practices of the past have been somewhat watered down. Yes, I have new clothes but shopping has become a chore so much so that I actually buy red coloured clothes whenever I see them anytime in the year and store them for Chinese New Year. Red is still a colour I adhere to for the first two days and as for jewellery, I really do not want to attract too much attention and have decided that evil can be driven away by other means like positive thinking and steering clear of potential negative situations. It's mind over matter these days - a much simpler and better way to live. All that glitters is not gold. Costume jewellery, like these fake sunflowers, can make a big impact without the accompanying risk of being robbed if I were to go around dripping with gold jewellery. I just like Chinese New New Year this way - my way.

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