Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some flowers I met in my life

I did not go on a deliberate hunt for these flowers. They just happened to be where I was and I was attracted to them especially because:

I have never seen them before.
They were at my feet and I could take my time to get to know them better through my camera lens.
Weidelia trilobata (Yellow creeping daisy)
They were purplish in colour. In this case not only the flowers but the leaves as well. Loropetalum chinense (Chinese fringe flower)
They were so small that people would probably not bother with them.
They had the most creative design for a flower.
They were present in great numbers. Tecoma stans (Yellow bells)
They were purple! Lantana flowers.
They were different from their cohort. The ubiquitous hibiscus.
They came with interesting leaves. Laurentia longiflora (Star of Bethlehem) that originates in the Caribbean.
They looked more like cups than flowers.
They were near perfect in looks.
They made me want to say "Hello, would you care to dance?"

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