Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amazon Water Lily

I like them because they remind me of the Tarzan movies in days when heroes were less complex in character. They looked good, represent good and had no dark side. They swing across wild jungles with their damsels in their strong arms not giving a damn about who or what were in pursuit. In those scenes when Tarzan ruled the jungle, these giant water lilies looked like they could have supported his weight and the flowers must have appeared menacing threatening to turn carnivourous if you went near them.
Back to reality, these giant water lilies were photographed a few years ago when they were found at the Sundial Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The flowers started out clothed in white petals and turned purple as age caught up with them.
This is a more recent shot taken a few months back near the reception desk above the Taman Serasi Food Centre. I have yet to see a flower that is freshly bloomed. Most times they are in the budding state or else they are on their sides ready to give up their ghosts. I am patient and one day I will get to draw the flowers on site.

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