Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lepisanthes alata - Johore Tree

Over a number of months, I saw the flowers and the very attractive fruits of this small tree in the Singapore Botanical Gardens (SBG) and never knew its name. I only wondered if the fruits were edible as they certainly looked like they could taste as good as cherries. But one can never be sure. I remember the pong pong tree admonishments - eat it and you become dumb! This means never put strange fruits into your mouth because you may never speak again.
Family: Sapindaceae
Common Name: Blimbing China, Johore Tree,
Origin: Borneo, Java, Philippines

I wonder why there is no identification at the base of the tree as there are for other trees and flowers in the gardens. By chance I found out its name and searched for more information of it on the internet. The most interesting fact comes from this website identifying the tree as the Ceri Terangganu and it is considered a rare fruit tree in Malaysia.

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