Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stereospermum fimbriatum - Snake Tree

These flowers of the Snake Tree were strewn on the grass in the early part of March when I happened to see them. The tree gets its name from the seed pods that dangle from the branches high above ground looking like snakes. That was the second time I saw these flowers though the tree has been around for years standing unnoticed (until it flowers perhaps)and blending into the landscape of the Singapore Botanical Gardens near the main entrance.

I recall that when I first saw these flowers, I was so excited because they looked nothing like ordinary flowers with their feather-like petals looking like elegant costumes left behind by fairies after a midnight party.
I wish I could have seen these flowers before they were detached from the tree. This is really not possible with this particular tree because it keeps its flowers and leaves way up high, beyond our reach.

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