Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Durio ziberthinus - Durian Tree

Crazy, crazy blooms that appeared out of the blue or could I have missed them right after I had thought that the tree is now too old to bear fruits and therefore did not look at it hopefully thereafter. Today, I saw them as I was driving along the road next to this majestic tree. It was already close to 6.30pm and the light was fading. I went home, took my camera and visited the tree. All photos were taken with flash using my Olympus 18x zoom. Even then I could not get close enough to take really good shots, I did not give up because these flowers may not last another day.


Finding Mr Lazy said...

i think its time for durian soon. just hope that caught mat soon, otherwise i would have to bring a parang along ;P

finally shifted to new blog with new identity & trying to forget old one at the same time :)

mr lazy aka slurp!

Mable said...

Thanks Mr Lazy(Slurp) I have a problem finding you. Don't bother to bring a parang, there are seasoned durian collectors in this area and they don't even use parangs.

Finding Mr Lazy said...

oops, i thought it will be listed in blogger.

here is the link

parang - besides for opening durian can comes in handy if you met mat alamak :)

Mable said...

Oh, slow about the Mat part 'cos my head was only full of durian flowers. It's been so long I forgot. Hope is the only thing we can do, so sad.