Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Amazon Water Lily

Cool flowers on cool water
This heat is getting me under the weather
Just looking at these long-ago flowers
Are enough to make my mind wander
to waterfalls, passing showers of blessing
from the heavens taking pity on us humans
sizzling in the heat of the day and wishing
that the world has no more natural disasters
wishing just for simplicity and joy
in all that we encounter


Finding Mr Lazy said...

beautiful ... first time seeing this flower, are they still around?

Mable said...

These flowers were photographed some years ago at the Sundial Garden of the SBG. When I was there recently, the ponds there were filled with water lilies. I cannot recall if the Amazon water lily was amongst them. There are some near the information counter above the Taman Serasi Food Centre. Hope you get to see the flowers someday :-)

Finding Mr Lazy said...

it's no longer at sundial, they shifted to pond beside ginger garden

i heard they are hybrids of Amazon water lily, the true species are larger size then those at SBG