Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today must be one of the hottest in months

Everyone will have something in common to talk about today wherever they may be. The provision shop aunty will tell you how hot it is as she squints to look at you as you approach her shop, the taxi queues will be made up of people looking like they could melt into their shopping bags, the people who decided that the day should be spent at the beach would be cursing beneath their breath, your elderly neighbour's noisy yawning tells you he is utterly bored and bothered by the heat.
But me, I thought today is a great day to sun my pillows and blankets. Oh let the sun beat on them and bake every mite to death - Yay! It occured to me to look at the sky at one point in my sunning-the- blanket activities and I have never seen a sky so blue since a long time ago when I was in Australia for a holiday. And my bougainvillea looks great against the cloudless, blue sky.


studioZEST said...

Ya, that's a positive way oflooking - like looking at a cup half-filled or seeing a doughnut in the doughnut instead of seeing a hole.
I shall do the same with my blankets and pillows and wash those thick stuff that I couldn't during the wet season.
Also, yes, my flower blooms look more brilliant and vibrant these days!

Finding Mr Lazy said...

yes, last week was very hot! and I'm crazy enough to go cycling *phew* but i guess that makes the angsana to flower?