Friday, June 27, 2008

Nature's comforts

When I need assurance that all is well, I turn to nature. There is no need for words, no need for lengthy conversations. All I ever need to do is to focus on the parts of nature that appear before me and concentrate on its being - the form, the texture, the colours and how it responds to the time of the day. Yesterday, I found all the assurance that I needed on the premises of a condominium that I was visiting. When I emerged from the underground carpark, the first sign of beauty greeted me from high above against a lovely blue sky was this fruitful palm:
Next were the rich purple flowers of the Bauhinia x Blakeana or the Hong Kong Orchid tree.The orange Ixoras were quietly adorning the flower beds.And leaves so green you forget that elswhere they have no chance to grow.And the final burst of evening sunlight make the fragrant spider lilies hungry for another day.Finally, by the pool, these heliconias enjoyed the last rays of the sun before retiring for the night.

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