Sunday, August 24, 2008

Averrhoa carambola - Starfruit

Outside, the heavens have opened up pouring buckets of water onto the earth while we are snug and safe indoors. I am sure many of us are waiting for the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics this evening and I hope the weather in Beijing will cooperate to give the Olympics a grand closure of the games as anticipated. Years of training have paid off and for some, handsomely. For others, just being there to participate must have been the achievement of personal dreams. For a humble starfruit tree like this one, flowers and fruits are part and parcel of ensuring the survival of the species but the cycle it goes through must be similar to the Olympic dream. I know because, I only take the easy way out by taking pictures of flowers and fruits. I dare not take on the task of growing my own fruit tree because I can't even grow lemon grass to an acceptable standard for cooking. So to be representing one's country in the Olympics - that must be a massive task. Well done Singapore! At least we make it to the medal tally list. Next time, another dream can be made to come true and I hope that there will be more loving kindness and compassion along the way as well as at the end when the dream is attained.

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