Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Begonia flowers

I am now watching the Highlights of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on TV having missed it on the actual night itself.

It's really like a Zhang Yimou movie on TV and I am sure that nothing beats being there to feel the energy of the thousands of performers and be charged by the visual feast of colours generated by technology and artistry combined.

It is difficult to take my eyes off the TV screen because of such a mesmerising show before me showing the greatness of China of the past, in particular the invention of gunpowder, paper, printing and the compass.

If I have beautiful pictures of peonies, I would post them here to mark the 2008 Olympic Games. Since I do not, here's an enhanced digital image of a flowering begonia plant against a purple board taken a few years back. It feels just right for this post, somehow.

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