Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Passion for Home - Passion fruit flower

It was a pretty long break that I took in another country. This flower represents how I felt when I finally touched down at Changi Airport. I was never this happy to be home although after every short trip I was always filled with relief and happiness to land on Singapore soil. I can understand why people leave for good and perhaps they will not understand why I want to stay. It does not matter, I am home!

The owner of the house built a bamboo structure outside his compound over the public pavement that runs alongside the road and before long climbing plants wound their way around the bamboo poles. No one seemed to mind or else he would have received a summon from the authorities to remove this structure. Recently, I noticed several green fruits hanging down from the roof of this structure.

Curious, I took a walk one late afternoon to take a closer look. I thought they looked like unripe passion fruits and my suspicion turned out to be true when I saw the flowers. When I returned with my camera the next day, only one flower was waiting for me. Unfortunately, it was way above my head. So, while these photos may not be considered well taken, I did try my best by standing on tiptoes, stretching my arms and using the zoom feature of the camera to the maximum. It was not unexpected that not long after, the lady of the house appeared in a show of ownership. Not your friendly next-door-neighbour type but at least she did not set her dog on me. So when my attempt to prolong the conversation failed, I called it a day.


Finding Mr Lazy said...

I'm every so curious, why those people leaving here for good?

pity that pretty passiflora have an unfriendly owner

Mable said...

I believe that people have dreams they want to fulfil in their lifetime for themselves, if not for their children. I admire them in some ways as it is not easy to uproot and venture to new lands. "When dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly" - annoymous quotation on the first poster I ever received as a gift. In that light, unfriendly passiflora owners are just unpleasant gusts of wind, gone and then forgotten.