Sunday, August 17, 2008


Tonight is the Olympics Table-Tennis Finals in Beijing. I am counting the hours to this match between China and Singapore vying for gold. We are guaranteed a silver but there is no reason not to hope for gold. Life is unpredictable. What is expected can be upset by the unexpected and what is unexpected will appear without an invitation. That was exactly my experience this morning at the Singapore Orchid Gardens where the expected beauties were orchids of course. But in a corner were the bromeliads that were often given a quick pass over because the times I was there, I hardly saw any flower. One or two perhaps but not enough to hold my attention for long. This morning, however, the sighting of one beautiful bromeliad flower led on to more wonderful discoveries. The bromeliads were flowering and together as a bonus for me. So tonight, our table-tennis team should not think about silver but gold and if they think hard enough, the unexpected will turn up! Good Luck Singapore!

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